Guide to Enlightenment

True happiness comes from putting your penis first. If you get a boner, whip it out and masturbate. If you see porn you like, bookmark it and masturbate. If you crave inspiration, play bate tunes and masturbate. If you need friends, join Bateworld and masturbate. If you feel lonely, Skype a bator and masturbate. If […]


This week has been an exciting time at “Men’s Oasis: Home to The Phallic Brotherhood”! The 6-foot hardwood Phallus’s have arrived for “The Masturbatorium” – making the altar of worship complete! Tuesday night (9-22-2020) Brother Richard and I welcomed the representations of our Lord with a Holy ritual of candles, prayer, smudging, and masturbation with […]

Plegaria Arapajó

Traducida al español por Nick Mat Read in English here La siguiente es una plegaria Arapajó; me fue enseñada por un anciano. La recito cada mañana mientras ofrezco mi crema de macho alpha a Príapo. Lavo mis manos—el instrumento de mi trabajo—para que estén tan limpias como mi corazón, y toco mis pezones, mis testículos, […]

Cock, My Everything

Cock is what I want.  Cock is what I need.  Cock is all I long for. Cock is what I seek. I open up my mouthAnd stretch out my tongue.Fill me now my lord.I want to eat your cum. As long as I live I will declareWith all my living soulCock is everything to meAnd cum […]

May this vision cum to pass, Oh Cock my Savior!

I dream of a Temple, a place of pilgrimage for all my Brothers in Cock.      May this vision Cum to pass. A beacon of phallic light amid the darkness of the world. May this vision Cum to pass. A refuge for the believers, the mystics, and the evangelicals of Priapic lust. May this […]

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