I believe In the Phallus.

I believe in the Divinity of the Phallus, symbolized by Priapus, the graven manifestation of God Cock. Through worship of the Holy Phallus, my body, my sexuality, my spirituality and my life become one with all men.

I believe in the Beauty of the Phallus, in its strength, its magnetism, its ability to generate ecstasy when fucking, being sucked, touched, licked or masturbated. I am in awe of its beauty whether erect or flaccid.

I believe in the Equality of the Phallus. Whether black or white, young or old, large or small, I worship all with passion and without discrimination.

I believe in the Energy of the Phallus. It is fundamental and all embracing. It may be created by masturbation, by sucking and by fucking; all of which captures, channels and concentrates its potency. Penis Energy is abundant in the sacrament. It is present in semen and lives in our Phalluses.

I believe in the Creativity of the Phallus. Holy Semen is the Crucible of Life. All life is created and nurtured by Phallus, rich and abundant with Cum.

I believe in the Nourishment of the Phallus. Its Seed and Succulent Nectars feeds and sustains us. I treasure God’s fountain of nourishment with reverence.

I believe in the Rituals of the Phallus. I masturbate with fervor and piety. I fuck passionately and lustfully. I suck eagerly, hungry for Cock.

I believe in the Glorification of the Phallus. I proudly carry a spiritual phallic symbol as acknowledgement of my faith. I masturbate my penis as I pray. Its pleasures and sensations are the language of God. It is how Priapus communicates and embraces us with His unconditional love. Orgasm is His gratitude for our devotion.

I believe in the Power of the Phallus. Power to create a Brotherhood where all men are welcome. Power to build Temples where we gather for rites and ritual as we become one with God Cock and bound to one another. Power to overcome inhibition or shame, to proudly display and share our glorious cocks in fellowship.

I believe in the Freedom of the Phallus. Where all men are liberated as God intended! Naked in his praise! Erect in His presence! Flowing with His nectar! Bountiful with His seed!

I believe in a God so earnest as to be One with man, and so powerful and great enough to to take on a form that each man can recognize as God. For the chosen, that form is Cock.

I believe in You, O Magnificent Phallus!