Come to Me, Son

Come to Me, Son. Kneel before the Priest who bears the God You seek. Willingly shall You place Your Trust in Me. If You would Love Me, You must get to know Yourself first. Open not Your Eyes, but Your Heart. If I am already there, then You are already His. You are already mine. […]

Children of Lust

We Men are the Children of Your Lust, O Penis. We are the Keepers of the Loin Fire. Your Voice is the expression of Your Will; deep, stout, robust; supremely confident, assertive and empowering. Whenever You speak, all Men shall rise in erect and proud compliance and adoration! — from

Prayer to Penis (from Bateworld)

O PENIS, my blessed protector, to whose care I have been committed by my Creator PRIAPUS from the moment of my birth, unite with me in thanking the Almighty for having given me a friend, and instructor, an advocate, and a guardian in thee. Accept, O most charitable guide, my fervent thanksgiving for all thou […]


— by Brother Brian (Justin07663 on Envisioning an altar piece for the temple — a wooden chair with various straps and hardware. As the brothers are seated in the pews in the congregation a man is escorted onto the altar wearing loose light robes. It is obvious that he is nude beneath the robe […]

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