This week has been an exciting time at “Men’s Oasis: Home to The Phallic Brotherhood”!

The 6-foot hardwood Phalluses have arrived for “The Masturbatorium” — making the altar of worship complete! Tuesday night (9-22-2020) Brother Richard and I welcomed the representations of our Lord with a Holy ritual of candles, prayer, smudging, and masturbation with glorious batetracks playing in the background. It was a beautiful and sacred event! The evening felt great, in that it brought a sense of peace over me that we were finally making progress on our dream of a “Home” for “The Phallic Brotherhood”!

For close to 10 months, we have been planning and working to bring “Men’s Oasis” into being. The Masturbatorium is just Phase One of the many things we are planning. (And just to be clear, The Masturbatorium is not just a place for worship and masturbation — it’s a multi-use room that can accommodate small groups of men for some incredible play!) The work continues as we renovate different parts of our home — and our entire yard into an area of the celebration of our Holy Cock! Currently, an entirely new irrigation system is being put in; lighting is being installed; and plants, trees, and shrubs are being planted throughout the yard. So far 100 ficus trees surround the perimeter wall — and as they grow, they will provide a space of privacy and safety as we celebrate our naked selves! We anxiously anticipate the day when Covid has been brought under control and we can finally fuck, suck, bate, and become one with each other within The Phallic Brotherhood!

Our ultimate hope is that this place will be a place of self-acceptance, sex positivity, and fun. We hope that men will explore their sexuality and stretch their limits. We hope to train, to teach, to mentor, and to prepare men on the sexual journey — so that they may become “Dicksciples” for The Brotherhood… and that “preparedness” can come in SO many different ways. We want you to come here and possibly discover what the future has for you in this new Phallic world that you have found.

If you are an instructor, author or other individual that would like to teach a class in your specific field of Phallic fulfillment — or if you have authored a book that celebrates male sexuality, and would like to hold a book-signing / release party — or if you have any other ideas for activities that you might like to coordinate, please contact me at any time. We welcome almost any topic from extreme vanilla to hard-core BDSM or other fun. We have a platform with a view of the mountains that would be a perfect area for Yoga or Tantra to be taught and experienced. If bating is your thing — several can gather around the pool and hot tub and bate to your heart’s content. If you’re a video producer, we welcome video shoots to happen here! This is our home that we open up to you. This is “Men’s Oasis” — Home to The Phallic Brotherhood.

For those that might be considering wanting to have an event or class here – because it is a private home, admission CANNOT be charged — this is not a business. We can, however, accept donations from any participant.

Speaking of donations — we are accepting any donations for the renovation of the property. None of this is happening for free — and we are filling the credit cards quite quickly. If anyone would like to donate, we would welcome your gifts! $1.00 to thousands is always welcome. You can send a donation via PayPal to: or if that isn’t a feasible way, write to me privately and I will provide you with a postal address. For all those who give — Thank you! Actually, Thank you to ALL of you – giving or not! You are here for a reason and I truly hope you find joy and hope here through Phallus!!!

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  1. Praise God Cock! It looks amazing. Today is the 1 yr. anniversary. I am an hour and a half away, so I will commit to visiting. After an hour and a half drive, I would love to worship God Cock through the brotherhood. Hope to see you soon.

  2. So impressive !!!
    Dream to visit and worship Cock and Holy Cumunion some day.
    All members of TPB should strive to worship there in person.
    Hail Penis Hail Holy Semen

  3. I hope One day I could get me 6 foot worshiping cock alters I worship only god cock loyl servent to you my god cock

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