Cock Is Happiness

MAKER OF JOY A couple days ago I was diving into the murky ocean of gay lust and pornography when I found the exceptional tumblr of @serviceorientedsub. Brother Serviceorientedsub and your humble servant, BatorPower, have so much in common in their spiritual perspective on dominant/submissive homosexuality. To both of them, COCK IS GOD. They regard […]

Masturbation Prayer

“Lord Phallus I pray that you to guide this ardent worshipper of Cock into an ever deeper and more binding union with Cock the Creator.” “Great God Phallus, my life is yours.” “God Phallus, my body is yours.” “Phallus, my mind belongs to you.” “Great God Phallus, my heart is yours.” “God Phallus, my soul […]

Almighty Phallus

Bow before the mysterious, divine-nature of the human cock. The aroused phallus demands attention. It is impossible to ignore a protruding, throbbing, manhood. A firm erection proudly pushes one’s cock out into the world to bask in the glory of adoration from those who seek it’s powers. The penis is the crowning achieve that is […]

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