Thanksgiving 2020

To All my Brothers in the United States – and beyond – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

What a year it has been – and what a year it hasn’t been! But we are getting through it – and it looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel! Let us hope so! Ironically, I have a lot to be thankful for – and I think as I start laying out what it is that I am thankful for, I hope you will resonate with a lot of it and be as grateful as I am for what Cock has done!

Covid certainly has been at the center of attention for everyone, and for everything we depend on. And in some small way, I am grateful for it. For one thing, it has given us an opportunity to work on a “home” for the future of The Phallic Brotherhood. There are pictures posted here (and elsewhere) of The Masturbatorium and also some of the yard work we have completed for the purpose of training, small get together’s, and lots of sex play honoring our Lord and Savior, Cock. It has been a huge undertaking costing us thousands of dollars – and we still aren’t finished. But what a joy it will be to have men here – naked, playful, and learning to celebrate Cock in so many different ways. I can’t wait to hear the sounds of lube on a Cock as it’s being stroked – or hear the voices of the moans of men as they are getting sodomized here on our land! I can’t wait to hear the voices of the teachers that we hope to have here talking of the beauty of Tantra, or the instructor giving voice to a yoga lesson out in the side yard! I look forward to having men in our home that have made a difference in the sex world through their writing – or perhaps their performance in a porn video…or many videos! The possibilities are endless – and we are so close to being ready for that!

I’m also grateful for the connections, and the time I’ve been able to have to make connections with a lot of you! I have met some incredible men over this year via texts and emails. I can’t wait to meet them/you face to face! To worship with you will be a joy! To hold your Cock and to celebrate its’ fullness will be astonishing and incredible!

But I think the thing that I am most grateful for during this pandemic, is the time that I’ve been able to take to get to know myself and my God a whole lot better! So often we are off searching and looking for the next best thing – but now we have been given the opportunity to actually find the greatest thing in the world – OURSELVES and the God that we carry! I have found so many ways of experiencing orgasmic bliss! Techniques and things I never would have thought of have now come to life! There is NOTHING like holding God in your hand and being driven to ecstasy just by having Him right there! To see and feel His power is a remarkable thing! And it’s something that, at even age 60, I have never fully taken the time to do! Covid has “forced” me into it – and for that, I will be eternally grateful!

Many of us have suffered a lot of loss this year as well – loss of a job and/or loss of a loved one. It would be heartless and neglectful if I didn’t recognize that and mention that I recognize your pain and I am so sorry. I lost both of my parents within this last year – so I truly do understand. The job that I have is in healthcare – so I am reminded daily of the loss in our communities. We, as a Brotherhood, mourn with you and are here to support you in any way that we can. Let us give thanks for the people that are in our lives and that were in our lives – and be reminded how wonderful life is – or can be! Let us get through these losses the best that we can – and let Cock help us in these times. One thing is constant, and that is, He is always there for you! Some of you may be smirking cynically at what I am writing here because you may have Urological issues – and you may feel that you don’t have much to be thankful for with regards to your own bodily functions. So let us stop, look at, and admire those that can celebrate in our place! Let us encourage them to bring joy and honor through the God that they carry to others! Porn and other outlets such as that play a very wonderful role in our lives and our connection with Cock. Let us embrace the things that we DO have and the tools that have been given to us. We all can find things to be thankful for on this day – and every day! Let us not forget to do so!

Thank you God Cock for the things you have bestowed upon us! Thank you for our losses and for our gains! Thank you for always being there for us – to hold, to gaze upon, and to worship! You are a remarkable God – carrier of life and of pleasure! Thank you for choosing us to be your carrier throughout our lives! We honor and adore you as our Lord! Let us go out into this world, stroking, sucking, fucking, pissing, and cumming for YOUR honor and YOUR glory!!



July 2020 Update

It’s July! I can’t believe it’s July 2020 already! My life has been turned upside down and back around again (over and over and over) — as is probably the case with most, if not all, of you — and we struggle to keep going. But we struggle and live and continue to do what we can to stay sane! My struggle in the “outside world” has been frustrating — at best — as I work in healthcare as a full-time profession. I struggle daily for sanity in that setting. I also lost both of my parents within five months of each other at the beginning of the year. So 2020 has been the shits — and I’m sure many of you may have similar stories! I’m sorry! But, I thank Cock for being there to help me through some of the worst days! Where would I be without Him? Hopefully you have found solace in Him as well. 

Since I wrote last, I have been trying to focus a lot of my energy on making a physical space for “The Phallic Brotherhood” to gather, worship, play, learn, and grow.  We have started renovations on our land — that we have lovingly and appropriately named “Men’s Oasis” – with planting a denser hedge around our property for more privacy — and other landscape work. And most recently we are renovating and turning part of our garage into “The Masturbatorium”, as a space to literally come together and worship the Phallus. (More about that a little later in the “update”.)

I have also made a list of things we need to do, would like to do, and have to do in order to be successful in our mission. 

I had mentioned a while back the need to create a Board of Directors. From that posting two men applied to be on the Board.  It would be nice to have a better response than that — and, as a result, I haven’t actually formed the Board yet. But my intent is to do so soon. We also need to apply for tax-exempt status… and comply with all of the requirements to do so. 

In addition, we need to find a good website designer who is willing to do a ton of work to make our website POP!!! I have a huge list of things I would love to have the ability to do through a functional website — but don’t have the money, knowledge, or time to make it what it should be! 

Also, it is my desire to complete the renovations here at “Men’s Oasis” so that men will be able to visit and become one with each other and with our God! And then from there, begin teaching and training men to grow to their full potential with Cock as their Lord and Guide! 

All of this is a very big, ambitious undertaking and it will require a lot. As an example, we started the renovation with a $6,000 estimate from the contractor to do the work needed. Due to problems and circumstances — some of which were beyond our control — the project is now pushing $11,000.00 and it still is not completed. My credit cards are bulging at the maximum level allowed. 

I also mentioned the website. This is our main tool for communication and a cyberspace that we can all call “Home”. But it doesn’t function in a way that is best for our community and our goals. We need a web designer to do the work — and until we have some money coming in, that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. (Let this be a call to anyone out there that would like to donate some time to make the website what we need it to be — with the incentive of making it so good and functional, you could get paid for your services if you create it in an alluring and functional way!) I’m not adverse to paying anyone — but when the wallet is empty on my end, I can’t offer much in the way of cash to begin with! 

Many of you have said to me that you want training and guidance. Many have said you want sermons and teachings. Others have said they want to be a part of “The Phallic Brotherhood” in a greater capacity — and become leaders yourselves. Others are asking for organizations and the resources to get things get things going in your own communities where you live! I WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO PROVIDE ALL OF THAT TO YOU! But I can’t do it without the time — and I don’t have the time when I’m working at a 40-hour-a-week job outside of “The Phallic Brotherhood”. 

Know that I hate asking for money — but know that I am only doing so now, because I have to. I have literally nothing more to give, financially speaking — and if I do nothing and ask for nothing, it will be YEARS before I will get out of the debt that I am in just in renovation expenses alone. And again, I say, there is SO MUCH MORE that I would love to see get done.

If you would like to donate, there will be a full accounting of where your donations will go. You are also more than welcome to designate how you would like your money to be spent. When it comes to “Men’s Oasis”, it is our hope for this place to continue as a “mini retreat center” long after our passing. My husband and I have no family to leave this to — and we would like to possibly make this our legacy to live on for years to come. The future is obviously vague and obscure in so many ways right now — but it is our hope that whatever we have established will continue to grow well into the future! 

If you would like to donate you can do so through PayPal on the Donate page, or mail your contribution to:

Father Marc — The Phallic Brotherhood
67782 Highway 111, B104 #175
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Thank you so much for all that you do — and anything you are able to do in the future!!!

Please stay safe. Follow the guidelines of scientists and the CDC. Stop listening to the former Reality Television Game Show host — and start listening to reason! Wearing a mask and social distancing are a very MINOR inconvenience — and as soon as people get that through their heads, the sooner this will be under control! 

My heart and my love go out to all of you! Keep Phallus number one in your life and let Him have full control! 


Father Marc


Statement of Affirmation to Cock our God

Ever since I was elevated into the position of High Priest/Pontifex and Leader of The Temple, men have been writing to me asking what they must do to affirm their devotion and commitment to Cock our Lord and Master. There has never been an official “Statement of Affirmation to Cock our God” that could be shared with individuals that may be on the internet or in locations where a Temple is not available. Since the website is our virtual Temple at this time, it only seemed fitting that a “Statement of Affirmation to Cock our God” be written. With the help of Brother Richard, that is now completed. You can find it here.

To all who visit the website wanting to affirm their belief in Cock as God — and who want to dedicate themselves to serving Him, and to The Temple of Priapus — I invite you to make that affirmation now. You can find the “Statement of Affirmation to Cock our God” here. When you are ready, or if you have made this commitment and have taken this step, I would ask that you write to me and share with me that you have taken this great and marvelous leap! Welcome to The Temple of Priapus and all that Our God has in store for you!

Father Marc

God and Man

The Man looks at the Cock and wonders, the questions born of years of upbringing confound Him. He questions and ponders: How can This be God? He has been taught that His Cock is just that…his. He has been taught that Cock is just a part of His body, and ruled by biology and genetics. Yet, there is the voice, the movement in His heart, in the depth of His soul that leads the Man to think that this gift, this Cock is so much more. It is the first stirrings of the Truth coming to life within Him, leading Him to understand and embrace what Cock Worshippers have known for centuries, that Cock exists as a part of the Man, and beyond Him. That Cock is united to the Man, but dwells as a separate Being, a Diving Being that does not exist as a genetically formed piece of flesh, but as GOD…the Creator and Sustainer of All Things.

To worship Him is to know life. To listen to Him is to know truth. To love Him is to know true Love.Be not afraid, embrace the truth.

Cock is God

Guide to Enlightenment

True happiness comes from putting your penis first.

If you get a boner, whip it out and masturbate. If you see porn you like, bookmark it and masturbate. If you crave inspiration, play bate tunes and masturbate. If you need friends, join Bateworld and masturbate. If you feel lonely, Skype a bator and masturbate. If your brain gets in the way, popper up and masturbate. If your cock goes semi, wear a cockring and masturbate.

Allow penis to control your life. Use every single tool at your disposal to indulge the needs of your penis. Poppers, porn, penis gear, sex toys, bate tunes, bate websites, phone lines, chat rooms, give your cock everything that it asks for and keep masturbating! Accept your need to masturbate. Accept this inevitable addiction to penis and everything to do with penis pleasure. Addiction is GOOD and HOLY. There is no shame, only ever-growing levels of pleasure for you. Addiction is enlightenment.

Recognize that cock is GOD, and serving Priapus will bring you endless pleasure. You will be at your happiest when you are able to shut off your brain and allow your penis to literally take over control of your body.
Only then will you be in a state of true Nirvana, at one with God and your true self.

Praise Phallus My God

I worship cock that excites me. I praise God with my lips that touch the shafts that thickens are rises for desire to be worshipped and sucked. I bate with my brothers in unison for lust controls my need to suck, fuck, and be fucked. Thank you brothers who have shown me this worship of cock that drives the inner me with stronger sexual desire that grows everyday. Thank you brothers who follow me in my continue worship of cock, because cock is great and good in hopes I may add to your worship and growth as well. All hail God Phallus. Rise for the night demands it. Desire and lust are undeniable. Penis drives man to man to fill our vessels with semen. Taste the cum and piss that flows from risen cock. Keep your lust strong for we worship together. Amen

Focus on the Penis.


Focus on the Penis.

Focus on the pleasure.

Nothing else matters except masturbation.

You’re doing everything you need to be doing to be a good horny masturbator boy.

Good horny masturbator boys play with their Penis and if you want to be a good horny masturbator boy, you need to play with your Penis.

That’s right, even you bad horny masturbator boys can be good horny masturbator boys by playing with your Penis.

Take out your Penis and do exactly what you need to do to become a good horny masturbator boy and PLAY WITH YOUR PENIS.Focus on the Penis.Focus on the pleasure.Focus on the Penis.Focus on the pleasure.

Nothing else matters except masturbation.

You’re doing everything you need to be doing to be a good horny masturbator boy.

Bad horny masturbator bois will try and scroll past this without playing with their Penis, but not you, you’re a good horny masturbator boi, who’s reading this and playing with your Penis.

Although, you’re kinda stupid. But that’s okay! Masturbation makes bois stupid, it’s a known fact. It feels so good to be stupid though.

Penis makes you drool

Penis makes you babble

Penis makes you watch porn,

Penis makes you play with yourself

And Penis turns you on even more which makes you masturbate until you’re even stoopidier.

Focus on the Penis.

Focus on the pleasure.

Nothing else matters except masturbation.

You’re doing everything you need to be doing to be a good horny stoopid masturbator boy.

Bad horny stoopid masturbation bois think too much and can’t get hard or make themselves feel good. But not you, you’re a good horny stoopid drooling masturbator boy and you masturbate a lot. You can’t help it, you’re addicted now cause of the pleasure. You’re addicted to your Penis like a good boy.

Focus on the Penis.

Focus on the pleasure.

Nothing else matters except masturbation.

You’re doing everything you need to be doing to be a good horny stoopid chronically addicted masturbator boy.

Now keep scrolling through Penis porn.

Bating at work

I couldn’t control my thoughts any more… I had to immediately leave the meeting I was in to get on here, scroll through some cock pics and bate my pervy dong.

I’m sitting on the toilet, legs spread, drooling from my open mouth, pumping my thick erect PHALLUS, while my other hand scrolls and types this.

I was in my meeting, doodling as I usually do, dreaming about cock – imagining all the cocks of the men in the room…. all their thick meaty dongs curled up in their suit pants, and I looked down to realize my doodles were becoming more and more phallic in nature. I felt a little short of breath, and my heart was racing. And I was beginning to feel a massive erection starting to form and harden.

So I excused myself to come here to worship my dick… get it all excited, edging it…getting through another erection…but not letting myself cum. Never cumming. At least not yet.

HE will tell me when HE wants to ejaculate, but for now HE just wanted attention. I don’t know how long I’ve been in here, or how long it will last, but my restroom breaks have been getting longer and longer. I hope I don’t get fired… I mean, if I do, at least I’ll be able to stay at home and bate all day.

Masturbation Partner

Someone who will tell you to jack off more, someone who will encourage you to jack off. Someone who will not only jerk themselves off but will jack you off as well. Someone to tease you and nudge you, to randomly reach over and start jerking your cock nice and hard to get you all worked up and horny. I need a partner like that…. I also need to be that partner.

If you let me, I will rub and stroke your penis without warning. I will tease you about your cock and your masturbation habits and if you don’t feel like doing it then I will do it for you. I will make sure you have as much porn as you like, more than what you want. I will force it on you, I will force you to jerk off more. I will push you into being an addict and encourage you to lose yourself.

Total Devotion to Masturbation

Sometimes, even sites for supposedly chronic masturbators, some guys will comment that you shouldn’t let your masturbation get to the point where it interferes with a “normal” life. I strongly disagree.

I truly believe that you should masturbate as much as you want (or better, need) to and that more masturbation should always be encouraged regardless of how much a guy already masturbates.

Discouraging any amount of masturbation just creates feelings of guilt and shame and that’s, of course, not good.The only thing a masturbator should have to worry about is working enough to pay the bills and save some money.

Other than that, if he spends all remaining time compulsively masturbating, even to where he never leaves the house except for absolute necessities, I think that’s awesome.

I love to encourage guys to get that addicted to masturbation.


This week has been an exciting time at “Men’s Oasis: Home to The Phallic Brotherhood”!

The 6-foot hardwood Phallus’s have arrived for “The Masturbatorium” – making the altar of worship complete! Tuesday night (9-22-2020) Brother Richard and I welcomed the representations of our Lord with a Holy ritual of candles, prayer, smudging, and masturbation with glorious batetracks playing in the background. It was a beautiful and sacred event! The evening felt great, in that it brought a sense of peace over me that we were finally making progress on our dream of a “Home” for “The Phallic Brotherhood”!

For close to 10 months, we have been planning and working to bring “Men’s Oasis” into being. The Masturbatorium is just Phase One of the many things we are planning. (And just to be clear, The Masturbatorium is not just a place for worship and masturbation – it’s a multiuse room that can accommodate small groups of men for some incredible play!) The work continues as we renovate different parts of our home – and our entire yard into an area of the celebration of our Holy Cock! Currently, an entirely new irrigation system is being put in, lighting is being installed, and plants, trees, and shrubs are being planted throughout the yard. So far 100 ficus trees surround the perimeter wall – and as they grow, they will provide a space of privacy and safety as we celebrate our naked selves! We anxiously anticipate the day when Covid has been brought under control and we can finally fuck, suck, bate, and become one with each other within The Phallic Brotherhood!

Our ultimate hope is that this place will be a place of self-acceptance, sex positivity, and fun. We hope that men will explore their sexuality and stretch their limits. We hope to train, to teach, to mentor, and to prepare men on the sexual journey – so that they may become “Dicksciples” for The Brotherhood…and that “preparedness” can come in SO many different ways. We want you to come here and possibly discover what the future has for you in this new Phallic world that you have found.

If you are an instructor, author or other individual that would like to teach a class in your specific field of Phallic fulfillment – or if you have authored a book that celebrates male sexuality, and would like to hold a book-signing/release party – or if you have any other ideas for activities that you might like to coordinate, please contact me at any time. We welcome almost any topic from extreme vanilla to hard-core BDSM or other fun. We have a platform with a view of the mountains that would be a perfect area for Yoga, or Tantra to be taught and experienced. If bating is your thing – several can gather around the pool and hot tub and bate to your heart’s content. If you’re a video producer, we welcome video shoots to happen here! This is our home that we open up to you. This is “Men’s Oasis” Home to The Phallic Brotherhood.

**For those that might be considering wanting to have an event or class here – because it is a private home, admission CANNOT be charged – this is not a business. We can, however, accept donations from any participant.**

Speaking of donations – we are accepting any donations for the renovation of the property. None of this is happening for free – and we are filling the credit cards quite quickly. If anyone would like to donate, we would welcome your gifts! $1.00 to thousands is always welcome. You can send a donation via PayPal to: marc777priest@gmail.com or if that isn’t a feasible way, write to me privately and I will provide you with a postal address. For all those who give – Thank you! Actually, Thank you to ALL of you – giving or not! You are here for a reason and I truly hope you find joy and hope here through Phallus!!!

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