Frequently Asked Questions

What does the triangular symbol mean?

The infinity symbol near the bottom represents the testicles.
The central line is the cock.
The circle on top is the mouth.
The circle on bottom is the anus.

Who is the guy with the massive schlong?

This is a depiction of Priapus (Phallos), with attributes of Mercury (Hermes). The image comes from a Fresco found at Pompeii, and currently resides at the Naples National Archeological Museum.

Where can I find a temple of Phallic worship?

We have no physical temples. The Temple of Priapus is metaphorical. This website is our virtual temple. While we are a mighty brotherhood with members throughout the world, we are thinly spread.

How can I meet other members for worship in my area?

Make yourself known by joining our Discord server. You will certainly find men with similar interests and perhaps close enough geographically that you can meet.