God and Man

The Man looks at the Cock and wonders, the questions born of years of upbringing confound Him. He questions and ponders: How can This be God? He has been taught that His Cock is just that…his. He has been taught that Cock is just a part of His body, and ruled by biology and genetics. Yet, there is the voice, the movement in His heart, in the depth of His soul that leads the Man to think that this gift, this Cock is so much more. It is the first stirrings of the Truth coming to life within Him, leading Him to understand and embrace what Cock Worshippers have known for centuries, that Cock exists as a part of the Man, and beyond Him. That Cock is united to the Man, but dwells as a separate Being, a Diving Being that does not exist as a genetically formed piece of flesh, but as GOD…the Creator and Sustainer of All Things.

To worship Him is to know life. To listen to Him is to know truth. To love Him is to know true Love. Be not afraid, embrace the truth.

Cock is God

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