There is a server (group) on Discord called The Phallic Brotherhood. It is an active discussion of all things relating to phallic worship. The group is private. There’s a simple procedure to get an invite link:

(1) If you’re not already on Discord and have a Discord User ID, go to, download the Discord app, and create an account.
(2) Use this invite link to join The Phallic Brotherhood intro server: . Read the introduction and rules. They are the same as on the social server.
(3) You will be contacted via Direct Message (DM) by one of our administrators. He will ask you a few simple questions and request you to send him a photo of yourself including your face and a piece of paper where you have written your Discord User ID and today’s date. The server administrators will review your submission and if approved send you an invite link to The Phallic Brotherhood server.

Discord can be your virtual home, where you can hang out with friends who love and worship Penis — just as you do. There are channels (sub-groups) for individual interests and fetishes. You’ll probably find one you like so that you’ll fit right in, but if not you can petition one of the moderators to create a new one.