Guide to Enlightenment

True happiness comes from putting your penis first.

If you get a boner, whip it out and masturbate. If you see porn you like, bookmark it and masturbate. If you crave inspiration, play bate tunes and masturbate. If you need friends, join Bateworld and masturbate. If you feel lonely, Skype a bator and masturbate. If your brain gets in the way, popper up and masturbate. If your cock goes semi, wear a cockring and masturbate.

Allow penis to control your life. Use every single tool at your disposal to indulge the needs of your penis. Poppers, porn, penis gear, sex toys, bate tunes, bate websites, phone lines, chat rooms, give your cock everything that it asks for and keep masturbating! Accept your need to masturbate. Accept this inevitable addiction to penis and everything to do with penis pleasure. Addiction is GOOD and HOLY. There is no shame, only ever-growing levels of pleasure for you. Addiction is enlightenment.

Recognize that cock is GOD, and serving Priapus will bring you endless pleasure. You will be at your happiest when you are able to shut off your brain and allow your penis to literally take over control of your body.
Only then will you be in a state of true Nirvana, at one with God and your true self.

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