Thanksgiving 2020

To All my Brothers in the United States – and beyond – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

What a year it has been – and what a year it hasn’t been! But we are getting through it – and it looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel! Let us hope so! Ironically, I have a lot to be thankful for – and I think as I start laying out what it is that I am thankful for, I hope you will resonate with a lot of it and be as grateful as I am for what Cock has done!

Covid certainly has been at the center of attention for everyone, and for everything we depend on. And in some small way, I am grateful for it. For one thing, it has given us an opportunity to work on a “home” for the future of The Phallic Brotherhood. There are pictures posted here (and elsewhere) of The Masturbatorium and also some of the yard work we have completed for the purpose of training, small get together’s, and lots of sex play honoring our Lord and Savior, Cock. It has been a huge undertaking costing us thousands of dollars – and we still aren’t finished. But what a joy it will be to have men here – naked, playful, and learning to celebrate Cock in so many different ways. I can’t wait to hear the sounds of lube on a Cock as it’s being stroked – or hear the voices of the moans of men as they are getting sodomized here on our land! I can’t wait to hear the voices of the teachers that we hope to have here talking of the beauty of Tantra, or the instructor giving voice to a yoga lesson out in the side yard! I look forward to having men in our home that have made a difference in the sex world through their writing – or perhaps their performance in a porn video…or many videos! The possibilities are endless – and we are so close to being ready for that!

I’m also grateful for the connections, and the time I’ve been able to have to make connections with a lot of you! I have met some incredible men over this year via texts and emails. I can’t wait to meet them/you face to face! To worship with you will be a joy! To hold your Cock and to celebrate its’ fullness will be astonishing and incredible!

But I think the thing that I am most grateful for during this pandemic, is the time that I’ve been able to take to get to know myself and my God a whole lot better! So often we are off searching and looking for the next best thing – but now we have been given the opportunity to actually find the greatest thing in the world – OURSELVES and the God that we carry! I have found so many ways of experiencing orgasmic bliss! Techniques and things I never would have thought of have now come to life! There is NOTHING like holding God in your hand and being driven to ecstasy just by having Him right there! To see and feel His power is a remarkable thing! And it’s something that, at even age 60, I have never fully taken the time to do! Covid has “forced” me into it – and for that, I will be eternally grateful!

Many of us have suffered a lot of loss this year as well – loss of a job and/or loss of a loved one. It would be heartless and neglectful if I didn’t recognize that and mention that I recognize your pain and I am so sorry. I lost both of my parents within this last year – so I truly do understand. The job that I have is in healthcare – so I am reminded daily of the loss in our communities. We, as a Brotherhood, mourn with you and are here to support you in any way that we can. Let us give thanks for the people that are in our lives and that were in our lives – and be reminded how wonderful life is – or can be! Let us get through these losses the best that we can – and let Cock help us in these times. One thing is constant, and that is, He is always there for you! Some of you may be smirking cynically at what I am writing here because you may have Urological issues – and you may feel that you don’t have much to be thankful for with regards to your own bodily functions. So let us stop, look at, and admire those that can celebrate in our place! Let us encourage them to bring joy and honor through the God that they carry to others! Porn and other outlets such as that play a very wonderful role in our lives and our connection with Cock. Let us embrace the things that we DO have and the tools that have been given to us. We all can find things to be thankful for on this day – and every day! Let us not forget to do so!

Thank you God Cock for the things you have bestowed upon us! Thank you for our losses and for our gains! Thank you for always being there for us – to hold, to gaze upon, and to worship! You are a remarkable God – carrier of life and of pleasure! Thank you for choosing us to be your carrier throughout our lives! We honor and adore you as our Lord! Let us go out into this world, stroking, sucking, fucking, pissing, and cumming for YOUR honor and YOUR glory!!


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