Praise Phallus My God

I worship cock that excites me. I praise God with my lips that touch the shafts that thickens are rises for desire to be worshipped and sucked. I bate with my brothers in unison for lust controls my need to suck, fuck, and be fucked. Thank you brothers who have shown me this worship of […]

Focus on the Penis.

*GOOD MASTURBATOR, YOU’RE DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS* Focus on the Penis. Focus on the pleasure. Nothing else matters except masturbation. You’re doing everything you need to be doing to be a good horny masturbator boy. Good horny masturbator boys play with their Penis and if you want to […]

Bating at work

I couldn’t control my thoughts any more… I had to immediately leave the meeting I was in to get on here, scroll through some cock pics and bate my pervy dong. I’m sitting on the toilet, legs spread, drooling from my open mouth, pumping my thick erect PHALLUS, while my other hand scrolls and types […]

Masturbation Partner

Someone who will tell you to jack off more, someone who will encourage you to jack off. Someone who will not only jerk themselves off but will jack you off as well. Someone to tease you and nudge you, to randomly reach over and start jerking your cock nice and hard to get you all […]

Total Devotion to Masturbation

Sometimes, even sites for supposedly chronic masturbators, some guys will comment that you shouldn’t let your masturbation get to the point where it interferes with a “normal” life. I strongly disagree. I truly believe that you should masturbate as much as you want (or better, need) to and that more masturbation should always be encouraged […]

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