The natural state of man

The natural state of man is to be absorbed in meditation or practice with Cock. Whatever draws the mind or soul of man away from its natural and primal immersion in Cock is an obstacle to the God-given purpose and function of male human life. Allow your thoughts and practice to follow their natural course: […]

Cock, My Everything

Cock is what I want.  Cock is what I need.  Cock is all I long for. Cock is what I seek. I open up my mouthAnd stretch out my tongue.Fill me now my lord.I want to eat your cum. As long as I live I will declareWith all my living soulCock is everything to meAnd cum […]

Praise the Lord!

Imagine me kissing your shaft and looking at your whole erection. I gently rub your corpora spongiosa between my forefinger and middle finger feeling you grow with firmness. Easing back your foreskin and shaft skin I see your glistening glans oozing precum. I lick it from under your frenulum and you harden even more. Opening […]


— by Brother Brian (Justin07663 on Envisioning an altar piece for the temple — a wooden chair with various straps and hardware. As the brothers are seated in the pews in the congregation a man is escorted onto the altar wearing loose light robes. It is obvious that he is nude beneath the robe […]

My daily prayer

Submitted by Reverend Tom Reynolds Strip your mortal clothes from your holy body and, naked and aroused, stand before the living god of Cock. Let us pray, my son, and in filthy blasphemy show God almighty how His heavenly gift of hard, oozing Cock is being worshipped and adored in glorious, fucking joy. Confess your […]

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