Bating at Work

I couldn’t control my thoughts any more… I had to immediately leave the meeting I was in to get on here, scroll through some cock pics and bate my pervy dong.

I’m sitting on the toilet, legs spread, drooling from my open mouth, pumping my thick erect PHALLUS, while my other hand scrolls and types this.

I was in my meeting, doodling as I usually do, dreaming about cock – imagining all the cocks of the men in the room…. all their thick meaty dongs curled up in their suit pants, and I looked down to realize my doodles were becoming more and more phallic in nature. I felt a little short of breath, and my heart was racing. And I was beginning to feel a massive erection starting to form and harden.

So I excused myself to come here to worship my dick… get it all excited, edging it… getting through another erection… but not letting myself cum. Never cumming. At least not yet.

HE will tell me when HE wants to ejaculate, but for now HE just wanted attention. I don’t know how long I’ve been in here, or how long it will last, but my restroom breaks have been getting longer and longer. I hope I don’t get fired… I mean, if I do, at least I’ll be able to stay at home and bate all day.

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