I have been anointed

I have been anointed with the Seed of Man, the Lord God Cock has marked me with His Musk, split me open and poured His Blessing upon Me. Now I see Him everywhere; He is all around me, full of Virile Glory, Beauty and Power. He dwells in my Heart for He is my Heart’s …

Praise the Lord!

Imagine me kissing your shaft and looking at your whole erection. I gently rub your corpora spongiosa between my forefinger and middle finger feeling you grow with firmness. Easing back your foreskin and shaft skin I see your glistening glans oozing precum. I lick it from under your frenulum and you harden even more. Opening …

Male Bonding in Sex

So everything Men do together is manly, except for sex? My Brother, there is probably nothing more masculine than Men intimately bonding and sharing their sexual power. Homosexual sex is the celebration, acknowledgement and indulgence of each other’s rich and diverse Masculinity. — from https://t.co/bSlxnEjGSa —

No Fear

We fear the most those things we ourselves have shut away. The Horned One is a guide, a teacher, a representation of our sexuality, masculinity, mysticism, renewal and interconnection. He lurks in a darkness WE created, but He is not evil. He is a mirror, an aspect of ourselves. — from https://t.co/td3vA0lPd8

Celebrating Your Manhood

Whenever You and Your Partner come together to celebrate Your Manhood and Your Lust in naked honesty, passion, camaraderie, affection, adoration and respect, the Pleasure You create together becomes an energy that adds to the healing and betterment of Yourself and the World. — from https://t.co/vVV2z3vzPH

Paean to Penis

Let us stand together, dear brothers, and worship at the altar of the Holy Penis. Let us praise Priapus who manifests himself in the penises which hang from our loins. Let us receive one another’s penises into our mouths and suckle Priapus’ holy gift. Let our mouths be filled with blessed penis. Let our tongues …

Found prayer: A Church of Cock Liturgy

As discovered online at the blog of a self-confessed chronic masturbator gooningchronicmastrb8tr.   The Church Of Cock Liturgy: Our Fathers should lead us in prayer as we the brethren recite the response * We cry to You Lord Priapus Lord of COCK … Hail Cock, Lord Cock * For those who are Hungry for cock …

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