May this vision cum to pass, Oh Cock my Savior!

I dream of a Temple, a place of pilgrimage for all my Brothers in Cock.      May this vision Cum to pass. A beacon of phallic light amid the darkness of the world. May this vision Cum to pass. A refuge for the believers, the mystics, and the evangelicals of Priapic lust. May this […]

Found prayer: A Church of Cock Liturgy

As discovered online at the blog of a self-confessed chronic masturbator gooningchronicmastrb8tr.   The Church Of Cock Liturgy: Our Fathers should lead us in prayer as we the brethren recite the response * We cry to You Lord Priapus Lord of COCK … Hail Cock, Lord Cock * For those who are Hungry for cock […]

Prayer to Penis (from Bateworld)

O PENIS, my blessed protector, to whose care I have been committed by my Creator PRIAPUS from the moment of my birth, unite with me in thanking the Almighty for having given me a friend, and instructor, an advocate, and a guardian in thee. Accept, O most charitable guide, my fervent thanksgiving for all thou […]

Prayer to Phallos, Our Father and Creator

  A former devout Catholic altar boy prays to the Eternal Father Phallos, Creator of Man and Lord Cock.   Our Father Phallos, Who art in Heaven which is found between the legs of men, Hallowed be Thy name, Lord Cock, and blessed are the Priests of your temple. Thy Kingdom is a paradise of […]

Brothers, approach and bathe me.

Brothers, approach and bathe me. It is time for the holy ritual to commence. Your cockpiss is a blessing, and I am in need of its healing powers. In the healing waters of Lord Cock, my soul is cleansed and my phallic faith renewed.   Brothers, cum anoint me, In the amber rivers of Father […]

Enter me, Lord Cock

  Oh my Beloved Lord Cock, My Soul’s Savior, My body is consecrated when I offer it in your name. So here is my worship hole awaiting your blessing Awaiting your touch Awaiting you to knock upon its entrance And to anoint it with your blessings. This Hole is made Holy when Lord Cock enters […]

His thesis advisor is a Priest of Cock (an excerpt)

…. He witnessed the people around him like a being from another world. Joyless, vacant faces who knew nothing of the glory of Cock. It made his heart sad to think that he was returning to such a place. He wanted to live his joy of Cock. He wanted to celebrate it each waking minute. […]

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