Come to Me, Son

Come to Me, Son. Kneel before the Priest who bears the God You seek. Willingly shall You place Your Trust in Me. If You would Love Me, You must get to know Yourself first. Open not Your Eyes, but Your Heart. If I am already there, then You are already His. You are already mine. […]


— by Brother Brian (Justin07663 on Envisioning an altar piece for the temple — a wooden chair with various straps and hardware. As the brothers are seated in the pews in the congregation a man is escorted onto the altar wearing loose light robes. It is obvious that he is nude beneath the robe […]

My daily prayer

Submitted by Reverend Tom Reynolds Strip your mortal clothes from your holy body and, naked and aroused, stand before the living god of Cock. Let us pray, my son, and in filthy blasphemy show God almighty how His heavenly gift of hard, oozing Cock is being worshipped and adored in glorious, fucking joy. Confess your […]

The Cummunion is a banquet.

Eat and Drink! Do not stay hungry! The Phallic God serves us his seed, his soul and his divinity, converted into heavenly food. The food that Phallus gives us is the seed that gives the life of the world. And if someone asks you “How can we eat their own seed?” Say to them: “Truly, […]

La Cummunion es un banquete.

Press here for the English language version. ¡Coman y Beban! ¡No se queden con hambre! El Dios Falo nos sirve su semilla, su alma y su divinidad convertido en alimento celestial. El alimento que nos regala Falo es la propia semilla que da la vida del mundo.Y si alguno te pregunta “¿Cómo podemos comer su […]

The Book of the Monks (excerpt)

The Temple The temple is the place of contact between man and what he considers important to him. Temples are some of the oldest buildings constructed by mankind. The temple is where man expresses his nature and celebrates his beliefs. The temple is more than a place of worship. The temple is also a place […]

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