Keep an Image of God Penis Always in Your Mind

In our endeavor to glorify the Lord God Phallus in our daily life We must maintain in our minds A clear image of Cock in action or at rest. Keep our minds firmly on Penis. We must act and behave as living disciples of Cock, Obeying every desire our Lord commands within us, And in […]

A Loyal Servant of Cock

After prolonged prayerful masturbating, Having stroked the holy cock with his hands, Divine Penis has delivered up its sacred juice. A loyal disciple looks up to face the priest, In gratitude and humble reverence, With love and respect he glorifies the Lord God Penis. He ponders the sacrament of hot cum Anointing his shoulder and […]

The Sacred Ritual of Brotherhood in Cock

Preparing the body and worship space The body should be clean, no soaps with excessive fragrance, no cologne, and no deodorant should be worn. The gathering space can be a living room or area where the brothers can talk and admire each other. The space should be comfortable, appropriately light; soft music is fine. If […]

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