Welcome to the Temple – October 14, 2018

Welcome to The Temple of Priapus!   What a day it is in the Temple today.   We come together to worship Cock, our Lord and Savior.  As I look down and gaze upon the swollen shaft, I give thanks for you, my fellow Priests and Brothers that have come here today searching for pleasure, […]

Enter me, Lord Cock

  Oh my Beloved Lord Cock, My Soul’s Savior, My body is consecrated when I offer it in your name. So here is my worship hole awaiting your blessing Awaiting your touch Awaiting you to knock upon its entrance And to anoint it with your blessings. This Hole is made Holy when Lord Cock enters […]

His thesis advisor is a Priest of Cock (an excerpt)

…. He witnessed the people around him like a being from another world. Joyless, vacant faces who knew nothing of the glory of Cock. It made his heart sad to think that he was returning to such a place. He wanted to live his joy of Cock. He wanted to celebrate it each waking minute. […]

Prayer to Our Father Cock

Our Father Cock! We LOVE you! We STROKE you! We ACKNOWLEDGE you as our GOD!!! Guide us!!! Show us the way to others yearning to know this truth! Let us listen for YOUR call in all we do!!! Let us FALL TO OUR KNEES BEFORE YOU OH GOD!!! Let us BEND OVER TO RECEIVE YOU […]

We Are Sons of Priapus

We know that Penis is a manifestation of God. We worship Penis. We follow our ancestral father, who, we are told, had an enormous perpetually erect cock that he was unable to contain and so went about masturbating continually, spreading his seed everywhere. And wherever his seed fell, malekind — animals and humans — sprung […]

Cock Is Happiness

MAKER OF JOY A couple days ago I was diving into the murky ocean of gay lust and pornography when I found the exceptional tumblr of @serviceorientedsub. Brother Serviceorientedsub and your humble servant, BatorPower, have so much in common in their spiritual perspective on dominant/submissive homosexuality. To both of them, COCK IS GOD. They regard […]

Masturbation Prayer

“Lord Phallus I pray that you to guide this ardent worshipper of Cock into an ever deeper and more binding union with Cock the Creator.” “Great God Phallus, my life is yours.” “God Phallus, my body is yours.” “Phallus, my mind belongs to you.” “Great God Phallus, my heart is yours.” “God Phallus, my soul […]

A message from Father Marc Hamilton…

MY COCK IS FULL!!! MY SOUL IS ALIVE!!! I have just read the beautiful words and prayers and desires of yours this morning! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!! YOU have inspired ME my Brothers! Again I say, I am eternally grateful for each of you! God has called us together for a purpose, and […]

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