You Are My GOD

A BULL sat before me, sporting and stroking his PROUD MANHOOD. With His body language, He was not inviting me to just suck Him, He was COMMANDING me to HUMBLE myself before Him. Dutifully, reverently, I fell on my knees and did as I was told while I whispered: “You are my GOD.” — from …

You Are Different

Of course You are different; You are a lewd disciple of the God Cock, Lord of the Secret Garden of Men. It was Your CHOICE to carry the heavy burden of His Lust. Wherever there are Men, whenever they gather, He is present. You WILL honor Your word. His Will WILL be done! — from …

Children of Lust

We Men are the Children of Your Lust, O Penis. We are the Keepers of the Loin Fire. Your Voice is the expression of Your Will; deep, stout, robust; supremely confident, assertive and empowering. Whenever You speak, all Men shall rise in erect and proud compliance and adoration! — from

Vindication of our Phallic Lust

We vindicate our right to Celebrate Penis and His Phallic Lust, to Celebrate Each Other as Men who Love Men. Our Lust brings us together as Brothers in Penis and defeats the illusions of fear and separation.

No longer Brothers in Arms; we are Brothers in Penis!

We walk towards a new reality of Fraternal, Phallic Interconnectedness. We give up war, intolerance and hatred to embrace love, lust and Brotherhood.

Twice Blessed

On the evening of January 17, 2019, two Men of a exceptional virility, took turns to give me one of the most memorable fuckings of my entire life. These verses express my lust and my gratitude to these dominant, alpha Brothers; may the God Cock bless their generous hearts and grant them with many years of admirable, rock-hard, awe-inspiring, precum-leaking erections that they and the submissive Brothers they fuck may experience countless nights of uninhibited and lascivious male pleasure and communion in Cock.