Celebrating Manly Sweat and Smells

The SACRAMENT of SWEAT Men are extremely VISUAL. PORN is, perhaps, the best evidence. The amount of PORNOGRAPHIC material being PRODUCED and SEEN at this very moment is astonishing. MEN love VISUAL STIMULI, and HOMOSEXUAL MEN are no different. Our NARCISSISTIC and HEDONISTIC NATURE makes us CONSIDER the PHYSICAL in THE HIGHEST REGARD. When I […]

Tribute to Dallas Santos

In the mood for Strokin’ BROTHER DALLAS SANTOS is my HERO and one of my GREATEST TEACHERS. @dallassantos2 You see, when SOCIETY appeals to MORALS and “GOD” to FORBID BEHAVIORS and INTERESTS that are NATURAL, bring WELL-BEING and HURT NO ONE, YOU KNOW they are using their favorite tools, GUILT and SHAME, to CONTROL and […]

Submission and Personal Choice

Where He Loves to Be The other day, when browsing the amazing tumblr of Brother @rickraunch I saw this wonderful picture posted. Handsome, mustachioed white man with gorgeous blue eyes right in front of LORD PENIS. Rick has labeled it: Where he loves to be. How much truth in a single sentence. For the Worshiper […]

Cock Is Happiness

MAKER OF JOY A couple days ago I was diving into the murky ocean of gay lust and pornography when I found the exceptional tumblr of @serviceorientedsub. Brother Serviceorientedsub and your humble servant, BatorPower, have so much in common in their spiritual perspective on dominant/submissive homosexuality. To both of them, COCK IS GOD. They regard […]

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