Bow before the mysterious, divine-nature of the human cock. The aroused phallus demands attention. It is impossible to ignore a protruding, throbbing, manhood. A firm erection proudly pushes one’s cock out into the world to bask in the glory of adoration from those who seek it’s powers.

The penis is the crowning achieve that is the sculpted work of art of the male body. It has been adored and celebrated for eons and will always be seen by many as a staff or royalty and power. I can not gaze upon a masterpiece of a cock without feeling my own manhood swell in brotherhood unity.

There is never a moment when cock isn’t being stroked, pleased and expressed. The Phallus twitches with joy each time a devotee pays it tribute and It is a precious honor and right passed to each man to cherish his own sacred organ.

There is an especially powerful event that occurs when a man is a devotee to his own penis. In those quiet, private moments a man communes with his own manhood to renew his connection with the divinity of the glorious cock. It is his honor and responsibility to keep his vessel protected and trained for those moments of eruption where man and spirit unite in true ecstasy.

May we always take time out of our busy lives to exalt the gifts of the All Mighty Phallus!!

-St. Richard the Rigid-

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