Priapus is my God

Priapus is my god. Cock is my altar. Masturbation is my worship.

Hail cock! Praise Penis!! Sacred Phallus!!! It’s a new day, brothers. Let us be reminded that regardless of how stressful the day can become or how distracted or down our spirit may be, we serve cock! Each and everyone one of us has the altar of worship between our legs. Each of us has the ability to connect to the sacred masculine Phallus by at least publicly squeezing his cock whenever he chooses. And when we are home and able to enter the worship state, we can expose our bodies completely and revel in the gift of masculinity Priapus has bestowed upon each of us. Today, I challenge each of us here to spend at least 5 minutes mindfully admiring your PENIS. Chant a mantra to elevate your thoughts and focus on the god-cock. Tenderly and eagerly touch your cock. Smell your hand. Explore your body and make your singular purpose for that sacred moment solely the worship and communion with the PENIS. Do this and open your mind to the real connection each of us shares across the universe with our Phallic god. Anoint your chest or forehead or face with precum or piss. Wear that sacred fluid as a reminder of your true phallic devotion. I love you all brothers. I feel blessed to belong to our group. Priapus is my god. Cock is my altar. Masturbation is my worship. Cum and piss are my holy and sacred waters. Hail cock! Praise Penis!! Sacred Phallus!!!

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  1. Worship Your God raising between your legs!
    Drink and eat His sacred fluids!
    Anoint Your bodies, the temples of Godcock, with His fluids
    Pray, enjoy!
    Enjoy, pray!
    Brothers in the Temple: I love You all as well

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