The natural state of man

The natural state of man is to be absorbed in meditation or practice with Cock. Whatever draws the mind or soul of man away from its natural and primal immersion in Cock is an obstacle to the God-given purpose and function of male human life. Allow your thoughts and practice to follow their natural course: give unto Phallus that which He has created for His own Pleasure and Awareness. Phallus is the force that creates nature and from nature the universe. Phallus moves and opens. All is created by the cleaving of nothingness by Phallus. To open, to accede to Cock is to give homage to Phallus and Creation. There is no creation but that which is created by Phallus. There is no service to God but that which gives homage and adoration to Cock. All men are elements of a vastly complex network of force, power, submission, creation and destruction, a network that is the primal workings of Phallus. The Godhood of Cock is the ordinal fact.

The worship and admiration, the adoration of Cock is the religious acknowledgment of this sacred network of energy and Being. There are men who are manifestations of Priapus, honored with a Presence between their legs that commands awe and carries immense Power. Often these men carry very large Cocks. Give homage to large Cocks, from which the nature of awe and terror come. These men are given worship, their Cocks are Gods and oracles. To gaze on such a Cock gives man fortune and communion with Phallus. To physically touch such a Cock is auspicious in the highest degree. Priapic man is the sacred Presence of creation made manifest and apparent. The man — and beyond the man, all things made by man — are flowers sustained and dreamt by Cock. When you look at a man know that this flesh, this hair, these eyes and hands and muscle and mind are all creations of Cock that Phallus will be adored and worshiped.

In the seed of a man is everything. In the ejaculation of a man there is the entire cosmos, the beginning and the end of all things. In the taste and smell and texture of a man’s semen is the totality of the galaxies, the stars, the worlds. With each ejaculation God creates everything anew. Worship the seed of man. It is the breath of God, the raw substance from which all things are made and within which all things are contained. In the taste of semen there is the teachings of God. When one man gives his semen to another man God is acknowledged and increased. Look at the body of man as a great work of God, created for the worship of Cock, the adoration of Phallus. In this is based the joy of manhood and the perfection of the cockworshiper’s existence.

Love man as the vessel of semen, of seed; and love man as the bearer of Phallus, the living-place and temple of Cock. Give worship to the Priapic man who is an oracle of God. To see this Cock is to feel the dreadful all-consuming power of God. To see this Cock is to know the nature of Godhood, the undeniable need to draw closer. To see this Cock is to experience the fire that is the cockworshiper’s purpose and prayer: “Make me One with Cock!” Kneeling on the floor before Priapus, with forehead pressed to the floor, pray to Cock:

Fire that is the terrible beauty and power of Phallus, Godhood and Creator and Flesh, Take as Yours this soul, this life, this man. Make of this soul a vessel for Your Pleasure and Power. To You, Great Being and Creator, all is given.

Priapic Cock, take this consciousness, this soul, this life, this man forever. This life, this soul, this man for Cock.

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  1. Cock is so beautiful and I become overwhelmed with desire to please Cock and worship it with pure joy.

  2. Such beautiful word. I lay here naked reading these words to my Penis and fall in love.

  3. I have prayed that my soul become God Cock’s vessel of pleasure and power. God Cock is my great God and bring whom I am committed to serving fir eternity. I would love to become aquianted with the brotherhood and live out my purpose.

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