Total Devotion to Masturbation

Sometimes, even sites for supposedly chronic masturbators, some guys will comment that you shouldn’t let your masturbation get to the point where it interferes with a “normal” life. I strongly disagree.

I truly believe that you should masturbate as much as you want (or better, need) to and that more masturbation should always be encouraged regardless of how much a guy already masturbates.

Discouraging any amount of masturbation just creates feelings of guilt and shame and that’s, of course, not good.The only thing a masturbator should have to worry about is working enough to pay the bills and save some money.

Other than that, if he spends all remaining time compulsively masturbating, even to where he never leaves the house except for absolute necessities, I think that’s awesome.

I love to encourage guys to get that addicted to masturbation.

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  1. This makes no sense. A life devoted to cock needs balance. Unless you are independently wealthy and have no social ties, this is a fantasy that can never be realized.

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