Enlightened Love

“Enlightened love forges no chains.”
Love everyone, have sex with everyone you wish
As long as they wish the same with you.
Men and women can have sex with their own kind
Or with opposite partners on a one to one session
Or with multiple partners at the same time. Why not?
Simply follow your feelings; very seldom they are wrong.
Respect those who disagree, respect them and still love them dearly.
They are your brothers and sisters.
Nobody owns anyone.
We are all members in the family of mankind,
Every one is important and everyone has something to contribute to the happiness of others.
This is the real doctrine of human beings.
Where not a single person is isolated or destitute
Or denied happiness and love.
There is no jealousy, no remorse, and no guilt.
Sex is for everyone, there are no exceptions.
With love and understanding there would be no more wars or conflicts.
“Enlightened love forges no chains.”

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

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