Prior to the King James Version, there was no mention of homosexuality or “sin” related to that. Men with men was normal and acceptable. The bible demonized it, added the myth of an eternal fire — and people bought into it. THERE IS NO BASIS OF TRUTH IN IT!!!

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  1. Hello brother. I have known this all along. There are people of faith who are more liberal just are there are those who are more zealot and blinkered.

    I have had numerous demons to deal with bearing in mind my Catholic upbringing. I am more likely to take the Natural view, perhaps Taoist. I have also known that men with men in the muslim world is nothing new, despite the attempts to cease the practice.

    In some Muslim communities, it was the practice for a young man to serve another man, in a slave/Master relationship ( not the modern BDMS addition).

    The love and relationship between men is natural, from eons ago, and will continue to be.

  2. Amen. That Bible perches wrong of a false god. Cock is the one true god. ALL HAIL COCK

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