The Same Rights and Opportunities

by Brother Iam Cain (from a post on Telegram)

To respect the intimate life of each member of the community is to understand that our sexuality is ours, and we have the right to live it in our own way without restriction, as long as the rights of others are not affected. Whether we like the idea of asexualism, autoerotism, pansexualism, heterosexualism, bisexual, homosexual, transsexual, antrosexual, demisexual, living in polyamory, swingin, open couples, threesomes, orgies, etc. It is our right to enjoy that way and no one should believe that they have the right to judge or evaluate what is right for us.

It is true, the danger of homophobia is permanent, but in spite of that I will not stop living my sexuality fully.

I know that until now I have been very lucky, but let’s face it, things are not as they were in the last century; things have improved a lot. Now, neither should we think that Real life is like a gay porn movie, where everything goes well.😍

I myself have had some problems when I have been very daring. But I think it was worth it. After all you can always resort to a joke or an apology if my sexual advance is not well received.😁

I think that experience teaches you based on mistakes. (Maybe another time I’ll tell you the story of when I was arrested because they found me doing oral sex in a movie theater.) Anyway, at this time, young people from an early age have access to information and can live their sexuality without repression (at least on this side of the planet).

I live in Lima, in South America, and I always try to publicize important dates such as May 17th that we celebrate the “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia”.

For 18 years now, I have always participated in support groups for the LGBT community. I took this decisión after my father’s death. (He loved me so much, but he was very repressive.) And after this decision I realized that I had lost a lot of time. Educate ourselves and educate the community, starting with our environment. It is very important, from nephews, cousins, neighbors, co-workers… Put the subject into conversations at snack time, or when you go out. It’s not about marching with a colorful flag and pink panties in your workplace, god, no! 😂

It is as simple as to say that May 17th was selected “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia” because it is necessary to remember that on that day in 1990 the World Health Organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

The fight against homophobia, my friends, is not a matter of once a year, but permanent. We must all contribute with small actions. Logically you will not talk about this topic with those old sanctimonious ones who spend the day praying in the church. I prefer to do it with the youngest ones.

Remember, using words like “fagot”, “sissy”, “queer”, perpetuate stereotypes. Not all men with feminine expressions are gay.

Always raise the voice when we see that an injustice is committed; when we see that someone is discriminated in school, work or the street; when in public or private discussions someone tries to submit to another, imposing religious or political ideas.

Always make it clear that people with different sexual preferences are not sick, nor do we need help. Remember that homosexuals and bisexuals are not going to seek sexual advances unless it is with the consent of the other. Stop treating the LGBT issue as taboo among children, and teach them that whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity, all people should be respected.

To tolerate is not to endure, but to coexist in equity. Saying “I do not care what you do inside your room, but do not do it in public” is not Tolerate. Public displays of affection should not bother anyone and the attitude towards them should not be different from those of seeing a heterosexual couple.

A gay should not feel that it is a lack of respect towards others to show affection to their partner. We must love and value ourselves, and banish the idea that our life is bad and sinful.

Leaving the closet in many cases can be a great help and a liberating act but it must be thought and planned. Carrying it out at the time you can self sustain.

Do not discriminate against other members of the community based on an “ideal of beauty”. We must stop saying “not fat”, “not effeminate”, “not old”, “not trans”. Each one with their respective characteristics has a raison d’être in society. Actively participate in the fight if your situation has been favorable and you do not continuously face discrimination.

LGBT inclusion is not about giving a “special” treatment or being “politically correct”, but about treating everyone as people, with respect and dignity.

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