The Choice For Pleasure

Phallic Sexual Fulfillment can heal us

Many traditions depict reality on Earth as one of unavoidable suffering. Take the Christian concept of the Vale of Tears, for example. Under the original sin and the weak and wicked human nature concepts, mankind has been tricked into accepting a reality of weeping and gnashing of teeth in both life and the afterlife! While I believe some suffering is definitely an undeniable component of human experience, the problem with the excessive–almost fetishist–elevation and idealization of suffering is that it turns us into helpless, masochistic, blindly complying, status quo-accepting, disempowered, victimized individuals oblivious to the fact that this reality is being created collectively by each and every of us.

At Temple Priapus we believe that joyous, responsible, consensual, guilt-free sexual fulfillment is always a healthier choice than the perverted suppression of thought and desire.

From my essay Reflections on Pleasure, Suffering and Reality:

“The repression of sexuality makes most of us sick. This is one of the reasons, I believe, why only few people manage to achieve moksha (liberation) under traditional dharmic prescribed practices. Turning our backs on the physical to pursue the spiritual usually short-circuits us, simply because we are experiencing, by choice, a physical experience.”

Gautama Buddha, taught that not getting what one wants causes suffering. Man’s primordial desire is to love and feel loved, to connect with other human beings. It is natural to reach out to the other, to bond at physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, spiritual and sexual levels. Denying ourselves of these interactions defeats the purpose of the game of life, and smothers the soul.

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As an alternative to the traditional paradigms of deterministic stoicism, martyred inhibition, fear, violence, self-flagellation and control, all so firmly in place by the dominant powers that be and their hate of joy and pleasure, we propose embracing the latter two for they are better aligned with our true nature.

What comes natural to humans is not to hurt, stifle, kill, hate and destroy, but to love, connect, inquire, support, grow. When people’s most essential needs are taken care of, when their autonomy, potential and desire for self-expression are respected and nourished, the outcome is happy, emotionally-healthy, confident and creative human beings who want to make of Earth a garden, a better place for all.

By withholding and sabotaging their phallic selves, interconnection and desires, most men have been turned into potentially dangerous, emotionally and sexually frustrated individuals, angry at others, angry at the world and angry at themselves.

We believe positive Phallicism, that is, reclaiming our right to savor, indulge and share our Penises and their gifts, can help heal these wounds via the celebration of much denied pleasure and the renewal of a spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood and intimacy which the Male Mysteries foster and nurture.

The expression of our sexual selves in their rich diversity is a Divine Right. No one can take it away from us. As fractals of the Source, we carry the spark of the Divine within. We need no one’s sanction to enjoy ourselves, to be ourselves.

As long as your sexual play and worship are respectful of other people’s free will, bring harm to no one and are honest and consensual in their interaction with others, they must be cherished without shame, without guilt.

For some of us, this phallic practice might take the shape of spiritual, solosexual masturbation. For others it might mean becoming teachers at the Temple, guiding Men into these Mysteries. For some it might be the renewal of a phallic connection with Nature and the spiritual world. For some it might mean being worshiped as avatars of the God and wielding their warrior Cocks into the ritualistic placating of their Brothers’ hunger…

“I savor every inch of throbbing meat both furiously and tenderly penetrating fellow opening, welcoming masculinity, brothers bonding in lust and the compassionate understanding of each other’s needs and desires.

Sweaty, teary, smelly, raunchy, loving ecstatic agony of arching, pulsing, undulating, vibrating, convulsing fresh recreating the Universe; fucking it into existence at the spot in time and place where mine, yours, and all labels disappear, where the entire past and future, all blur into a singularity of orgasmic, orgiastic nothingness and fullness.”

Long have we chosen to hide away our sexuality in the basements and attics of our fear and shame because we were taught it was evil, dirty to the eyes of god. The divine shows you the countenance you want to see.



We invite you to choose differently.

Choose beauty, choose honesty, choose pleasure, joy and brotherhood.

Choose Men.

Choose your True Self.

Choose Cock!

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