The Calling echoes back to Pompeii and The Winged Phallus of old. Beautiful image to share with those who feel The Calling to serve in their unique way. When you accept this concept The Winged Phallus sweeps you away in ecstasy and lust. A most fascinating and erotic journey into this hidden world. Hidden to those who are blind but to those that can see and understand it’s a calling that you cannot ignore. Once you mount yourself on the winged Phallus there is no turning back. The Calling has been answered and received.

Hail Phallus!

— GVillageCreations

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  1. I am one with cock. When I am with a total oral top feeder who understand my needs, hunger and yearning, there is a religious magical realism that takes place. He says things like, “This cock is your cock, this is your God to worship and service. Take your time and worship it as your lord and savior and swallow whatever seed I give you as a blessing.”

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