Phallic Perspectives on the Winter Solstice

The Resurrection of the Sun


Winter solstice is the longest night of the year, when the sun is symbolically killed, defeated. It is typically on the 21st of December. Following the three days after the solstice, the sun appears to stand still, apparently motionless at its lowest point above the horizon, but on the 25th of December it begins to slowly move up in the sky.

The sun has, then, “resurrected,” although its crowning glory does not take place until the spring equinox when days finally become longer than nights.

Pay no heed to false metaphors such as “father winter.” Winter is feminine in character, a season of repose, cold and slowing of time. The light and fire of god, on the other hand, are masculine in character, piercing and expanding in its abundant life energies.

In the pagan world, people understood these are cycles of the natural world, they required no salvation, expected no savior and hoped for no future reward or heavenly afterlife. This time of the year had nothing to do with the abrahamic cult of a messiah that would grant a “chosen” people dominion over the whole planet.

Earth-nature-was seen as the body of the living goddess gaia-sophia, and the sun, as the body of the living god; bodies we were (are) part of.

In the journey of the hero myth, winter solstice represents the death of the hero, his descent to the underworld and his resurrection after a given period of time-three days in astrological time.


We males are playful by nature and Xmas is typically a time of great joy. For us cock worshipers, the occasion of the winter solstice and December 25th are perfect events to remember and worship the phallic and solar nature of our god: cock!


Tall, broad, heavy and erect he rises. We worship him as the phallus proudly hanging between the legs of all males, deity or human. He is the will to express and deliver power, pleasure, beauty and life.

All knees shall bend before the incestuous presence of he who unlocks all gates and fills all spaces, of he who freely and magnanimously gives of himself to feed his hungry children, all of whom he has fathered.

He, the embodiment of masculinity and virility is our king and high priest; our lover, our teacher, our master.


Let us prepare for his resurrection, the time when he will triumphantly rise to marry and impregnate the world once again.

Let us prepare by celebrating the flesh and the ties that bind us, brothers-in-lust-and-cock.

Offer your mouth in loving and respectful adoration of your lord. Offer your mouth that your tongue and nose might taste his scent and juices. From the position of your humbled deference, offer your mouth that he may feed you a nectar that will make you even thirstier for him.


Offer your asshole in lewd and submissive adoration of your father. Just as the sun is “crucified” for three days, offer your asshole in lascivious darkness to be impaled by the godcock. Vulnerable and exposed, offer your asshole so you can be sodomized and turned into his whore…


Offer your asshole that he might destroy your whining and deluded ego; your pretense to master and lord creation he shall crush as he rules, dominates, conquers and owns you instead.

Offer your asshole that he may fuck the pride and arrogance out of you and teach you gratitude, fullness, brotherhood, and true bliss.


Offer your body as the most perfect temple of God. Offer your body for other brothers to worship, to behold opulent, masculine magnificence and renewed, aesthetic fulfillment.


This is your god.

Get on your knees and worship him like the devoted faggot you are.

Fight him not.

Resist him not.


This feast of winter, let your ego die as well.

Embrace your nature.

Embrace yourself.

Embrace your heart’s desire.


Don the gay mantles of the homosexual, the faggot, the cocksucker, the pervert, the invert, the bent, the queer, the deviant, the sodomite, the twink, the bear, the pig, the daddy, the son, the top, the bottom, the versatile, the bator, the bugger, the fairy, the fruit, the queen, the pansy, the jock, the hunk, the stud, the master, the slave, the slut, the whore, the alpha, the beta…

Don them all with pride!

This is who you both are and chose to be.

It is your divine right to be yourself.


Like a bow fully drawn, the male animal accumulates sexual power until the built-up energy longs to be released. In this eve of resurrection, let your penis be the straight shaft that will fly and light your way; use this energy to create and transform your reality.

Use it to become who you want to become.

Focus, draw, aim and shoot into the stars.


It matters little whether your place is on your knees, between your brother’s legs…


… or proudly standing above them as the macho worthy of worship.


This is the song of the horned god as the sun-cock rises.

He has no other purpose but the celebration, exploration and enjoyment of himself.

I am you. You are him. He is me.

We are one in him!


Hail cock!

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