When I go into ritual, I never really know what I’m going to get out of it. Or what lessons I’m to learn. I usually go in because it feels just incredible. I love a good goon. 😉

On this occassion, I believe my mind needed to learn a lesson of masculinity. As a gay man, I think I’ve unknowingly struggled with my masculinity. I feel and know I’m a man, but culture has taught me that I’m really just a sissy fag. I’ve even learned to kinda like the idea. A defense mechanism to not just be depressed all the time perhaps.

But within, I don’t find any traces of female energy. Nothing against it, but I don’t honestly feel it. I’m maybe a little boyish, innocent, but never feminine.

As a gay man, I’ve always been attracted to MEN. And our culture, especially here in the US, deems that if you’re attracted to MEN then you’re somehow partly woman. This has always deeply and subconsciously fucked with me.

Through this ritual, I began to see myself not as some half woman. Some half sissy whose into dick. Instead I looped backward. And backward.

A Cock spills Its Seed to create life. But another Cock spilled Its Seed to create that life. And so on and so until the beginning. To our God. Our creator.

But what is Cock? Beyond its pleasure. Beyond its power over all Men and Women? What is our sacred roles here on this earth?

I believe Men are designed as protectors. Creating worlds and spaces where life can be created. Where Man’s Cock can be open and free to spread Its Seed. Where Cock can come to life. Be alive and create. That is the ONLY purpose of Cock. Creation.

As a gay man, I have spent decades feeling unwanted. Unneeded. For I am not part of that sacred bond. That creation story.

And yet I felt my purpose. For we face darkness in our life and through that still remain good and kind and strong. We are protectors ourselves. Keepers of kindness. We are tested and strengthened in this life. Bonded even closer to God Cock in the next. The longer and stronger and kinder we become, the more powerful we are to being that protector.

My home is a space for Cock. My body is a space for Cock. This life is a gym for the soul. Testing and strengthening my bond to Cock.

Our Lust for Cock is the eternal Bond with our Creator. It is unbreakable. It is undeniable. Darkness desires us to feel shame for this bond. To separate us from our purpose of creating such a grand world of love and peace.

The ways of the world is all a struggle between nothing and kindness. Without openness we can not create and there is nothing. We can not bond.

As gay men, we must not believe we are unworthy. Or unwanted. But created as knights in a realm of masculine energy. Protectors and guards against the chaos of darkness. It requires all our energy. And eventually, we will perish. Hopefully old and happy! And stronger and closer to Cock than when we started.

Men, by nature, are giving and open creatures. But also fiercely protective. Women are, by nature, more nurturing and healing. Men protect. Women heal. It is the way of life. And anyone who upsets this balance, one way or the other, brings out chaos. And darkness.

As times passes, we seem to be moving into an age of feminine energy. Women seek to bring inclusion and peace. Healing centuries of male domination. Inclusion in a isolating world. Which in some ways has brought us great ease from long suffering. It is far better today to live openly as a gay person or person of color than a century ago.

I don’t doubt that this will be done too far and allow too much darkness to also come to power. And the cycle begins again. War will someday return.

Humans seem to be evolving over time like a child evolves from a baby.

Learning and over correcting until we are a balanced and beautiful creation. Perhaps when we are more merged with computers and technology. Humans are so evolved now we have taken in our own hands own continuing evolution.

We will evolve from humans back into the same pure pleasure beings that we were created from. Like all things, things are designed in cycles. Evolve and grow and spread.

On Sunday, I already had plans with work to catch the Chargers/Broncos football game. A ritual of war with Men attempting to win based on stength, skill, and mental stamina.

The women standing on the sides encouraging and nurturing the energy of war (all played out symbolically). It is all a show to prove one Cock’s worthiness over another. We worship that which our minds believes is closest to the God Cock.

Our anxiety and stresses come from our disconnect with our own desired perfection.

But think of life, my brothers, as a test of your strength and stamina as well. As we are all protectors of kindness. Openness. For if we do not open, we can not enter.

And there will always be nothing. Darkness. Blackness. Which happens if we give up. We give in. Like water, darkness will slip into any tiny crack.

Cock Worship to me is pleasurable. Cock Worship to me is sensual. Cock Worship is fucking FUN. AND HOT. But I also believe it is a sacred and eternal experience.

Something ancient and mysterious and also something so future it feels unreal and ridiculous.

The next time You engage in Cock Worship, know that Cock is the most sacred and profound part of the Universe Cycle. Right there. In Your hand. Not just sex. But in all we do.

Beyond anything, even in the over think of this message, it is the most pleasurable feeling in the whole of the universe. I think we could agree on that.

— Ace Kougar

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