Join Me in Our Desire to Serve Our Lord! 11-7-18

I love Cock! I live for Cock! I dedicate my life to Cock!

Besides all of that – I lust for Cock! I crave Cock! I desire Cock 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year! 525,600 minutes a year I want to serve Cock!

I have been this way since as far back as I can remember – that is, my infatuation with Cock. I can remember loving to look at my cousin’s Cock when I was 5. My first ejaculation was in the bathtub at 10 years old! Every month I stole the centerfold from Playgirl magazine starting the 1st month it was published. In High School and in College I did all that I could to be in the locker rooms after every sports event – even if that meant doing all of the dirty work as a “gopher” or “water-boy”. I did anything and everything I could to find an excuse to see Cock!

The more I spent time with Him, the more I realized that He was sacred!  The more I shared Him with others, the more I realized He was a gift to me! Every time I took Cock in my mouth or offered Him to someone else to suck, I knew He was more powerful than anything else in my life. When He filled my ass, I knew I was filled with a powerful force – and when I used Him to sodomize others He became my Master. He took control – and I gladly gave all control to Him! I guess it was probably about 15 years ago that all of the dots connected and I realized that this glorious Penis that I was carrying and longing for was MORE than something that pissed and shot a load of cum once…twice…three times or more a day.

When I started working with Dick Wadd Videos right around the year 1998, I did a video called “LAPD” and another one called “Glory Hole Pigs” (as well as several others). It was THEN that I discovered that Cock held more power than any religion or entity in the world. When I was on the floor on my knees in front of my co-star getting pissed on by Cock, I realized that this wasn’t piss – this was HOLY WATER flowing freely all over my face, my hair, into my mouth, down my neck, through my pits, across my nipples, down my treasure trail, down my ass crack…and ultimately onto the floor! Peace and calm raced through my body! A joy, unlike any other joy, welled up inside me! This was when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had just met my Maker…my Lord…my God!!! I had been Bapt-pissed by God on the floor, with cameras running – capturing the realization that THIS was the God I was going to serve for the rest of my life!!!

My short-lived career in porn (5 years – 24 videos) is why I am such a huge advocate for porn. There is nothing in this world that I would rather watch! To see men and boys freely give of themselves in front of the camera – naked, hard, alive and horny – is the greatest show on earth! Because I know of the work involved, I honor them and consider them to be the true “Disciples of Cock our Lord”!! They teach us, they bring pleasure to us…and more than anything else, they create a desire for us to stroke our Cock, worship our Cock, and glorify our Cock in a stronger way than any other stimulus on earth. They make us crave our Lord and create a desire in us to be with Him in any way we possibly can! HAIL THE MEN OF PORN!!!

I just want to add here that a career in porn is very short-lived and there are very few people that I would recommend taking that route – but for me, it was the greatest thing I ever did! Also, it is important to know that I started doing porn at 37 years of age – I wasn’t in my twenties trying to make ends meet and finding out what sex was all about.  Having said that, I also knew that I had the maturity to know that what I discovered was real! This was not something that a young kid discovers and it is a short-lived fad. No, this came at a time in my life that it was a full-on life-changing experience that gripped my heart, captured my attention and took over my soul! I wanted to immediately follow Him and serve Him in a greater way than in porn! But I had to search for a way to do so.

So here I am before you now – the Leader, the High Priest and “Pontifex” of The Temple of Priapus! My love for Cock grows daily! My desire to worship Him never ends! My commitment never falters! I want YOU to know and experience what I know and believe! I want to lead you in service to Him! I, like many of you, want to Suck and Fuck and Stroke and Piss and Cum and GLORIFY MY LORD in so many ways!

Join me, won’t you? Let us stroke the Shafts of our Brothers as we offer our Rod for them to stroke. Let us feel the engorged flesh in the palm of our hands! Let us let our lips part for the entrance of God! Let our man-cunts open for the penetration of the Lord! Let us offer our Master to those who desire to taste and to be filled by the God we carry! Let us feel the throbbing Beast as He spews forth His load and fills our fleshly chalices! Let us lift our voices in moaning – as if we were the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – praising our Lord and Master – KNOWING that He is God! THIS IS WHAT OUR LORD LONGS FOR!!! THIS IS WHY HE IS OUR GOD!!! STROKE GOD!!! SUCK GOD!!! FUCK WITH GOD!!! Let HIM have control of your life today!!!

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