I awoke at 3:00 am; I am naked.
Was it a dream or did I hear a noise, I feel a presence near my lips.
It is the cockhead of our God.
Holy Precum is placed on my chin and nose.
I reveal my tongue and taste the nectar.
I am now fully awake and my worshiping mouth engulfs our God.
I feel a warm embrace of my own Cock.
As my worshipful lips caress His Holy Head.
A probing tongue greedily seeks the Holy Precum and Holy Seed to follow.
I feel the Cock within my mouth harden,
I taste the Precum flowing,
Before long I feel the rhythmic pumping and taste the wondrous Holy Seed,
As the Holy Seed from below warms my groin, I am blessed with more from above.
I savour every drop;
None is wasted.
I feel in heaven,
I kiss the hooded head of this God of the Night;
I go back to sleep satisfied.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

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